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Spring is a pendant of exceptional beauty and is therefore suitable for daily use. By placing the diamonds inside the sphere, the jewelry catches light at surprising moments. The piece consists of two parts. 15 brilliant cut diamonds of 0.01ct each adorn the inner spherical shape. The outer spherical shape is placed around it. This shape consists of several lines and is rotatable. This makes the pendant play with the incident light. When you move, the pendant rotates with you. So you have a different piece of jewelry every moment.


€ 5,127.00



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With Flow you opt for timeless elegance. This ring is made of 18 karat yellow gold and 18 k palladium white gold. A subtle contrast is created by flanking the yellow gold with two white gold bands. The center band of 18k palladium white gold contains a single brilliant-cut diamond. This diamond is of very high quality. The triple excellent cut in combination with the optimal D color and loupe clarity forms a perfect stone. This diamond is 0.13ct, making it the perfect complement to the elegantly shaped gold ring.

€ 4,871.00


The Oyster is inspired by the natural beauty of the sea. This uniquely shaped ring is crafted from 18k palladium white gold. Central to this piece is a natural freshwater pearl. This pearl has a light pink color that is reflected in the white gold ring. The pearl is 10mm in diameter and is of A-quality. The Oyster is lightweight and can be worn as a masterpiece at festive occasions or as a daily expression of creativity. Because of the unique shape you have the choice to wear the pearl towards you or away from you. It is also possible to make this ring with a natural pearl in a different color.

€ 6,127.00