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Would you like a unique, eye-catching and personal piece of jewellery by my hand? Please feel free to come and discuss whatever it may be that you have in mind. The creative process of designing jewellery is what I enjoy most in life. It is something into which I can put all my passion. I would be more than happy to show you some of my beautiful creations.

Remarkable Jewellery

In close consultation with the client or wearer of a piece, I translate their stories and wishes into a number of inspiring design options. I can make your ring, bracelet or pendant using 14 or 18-carat gold, red, rose or white gold, or platinum. And of course, I can melt your existing gold jewellery or heirlooms and create a completely new piece.

Ash and Memorial Jewellery

One of my areas of expertise is the design and creation of memorial jewellery and unique pieces that incorporate the ashes of a loved one. If you wish, I can also incorporate existing gold.

Exceptional Commissions

In addition to designing distinctive rings, bracelets or pendants, I am also pleased to rise to the challenge of exceptional commissions. I designed the new livery collar for the mayor of Haarlemmermeer, for instance, creating an exquisite, sleek collar packed with symbolism. It features the coats of arms of all the neighbouring municipalities.

Curious to see what the livery collar looks like and how I made it? Check out this video to for all the interesting details of the process.