"The Dunes" by Eric van Limpt

The Dunes

Winner of the Bronze Award during the A' Design Awards and Competition 2018.

Press Release
Making of "The Dunes"

Eric van Limpt

The 52-year-old Eric van Limpt, who is father of Justin and Noëlle, will be in the jewelry business for 32 years in September of this year. He has followed the MTS Mechanical Engineering course. During this training he did an internship at a jewelry company. "I was actually rolled into it. I never thought of becoming a goldsmith. "Eric was trained as a goldsmith at the jewelery factory in Leiden. There worked a man who was against his retirement. "He could draw very well and was very good with his hands. It was really a joke that I learned the trade from him. "


This year Eric celebrates the fact that he has his own company for 25 years. At first he was elsewhere in Hoofddorp, but nowadays the company is located at the Femina Mullerstraat. Anyone walking down on the premises immediately looks up at the studio. A considerable flame creates warmth in his studio. "Until recently, I have never seen myself as an artist," Eric admits. "I have come to the conclusion that not everyone can design and make something of gold, silver and platinum. It's nice to be good at that. "



Eric Van Limpt


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