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Goldsmith and designer Eric van Limpt

Eric van limpt

11/12/2020 04:11

Goldsmith and designer Eric van Limpt

Always come up with something new, design and continue to surprise. That is what makes Van Limpt's profession so beautiful and after all these years still challenging. The new location in Nieuw-Vennep has given an extra boost to job satisfaction. Van Limpt fell in love with the appearance of the building, a former Maalderij. Together with father Dick and a good friend and partner, the space was completely converted and furnished to the ideal workplace in the free hours. The workshop has been fully operational for a month and a half. With more than 100m2, everything feels a lot more comfortable and security is extremely well organized. "I can receive my customers here in a professional manner. While we are sitting at a wide table, I can immediately show and draw designs on the big screen in a very simple way.


Together we go on a voyage of discovery to find something that is just right for someone. "There is even an easel in the studio. "This new location also gives me the space, for example, to give workshops with my colleague Nancy to groups of up to eight people. The mutual distance to the workplaces in accordance with the guidelines of the RIVM is neatly maintained. Van Limpt is looking forward to it. "Working with people is the best thing there is." And no, they won't be home-garden-kitchen mornings. These exclusive workshops, where they work with precious metals, become something really special. We really take the participants into the profession and they go home with something tangible. And for those who have a taste for it, there are certainly opportunities to come several times, "says Van Limpt.


Van Limpt, who has already won several international professional awards during his career, notices that the younger public is also increasingly finding him to design a completely personalized engagement or wedding ring, for example. "That is a lot of fun to do." A completely different and very prestigious order is the design of the chain of office for mayor Wendy Verkleij of Noordwijk. "An incredible honor to be able to do this again after earlier in Haarlemmermeer. Such assignments are rare. "When you hear this craftsman talk passionately about the symbolism of the chain of office, you can hardly wait for the moment to see the necklace around the mayor's neck. More and more people know where to find Van Limpt for special and prestigious assignments, but he still enjoys carrying out traditional repair work, such as making a ring or repairing a clasp on a chain.


Being visible is very important for a goldsmith and designer. Eric van Limpt does this by organizing various events, among other things. For example, the third edition of Dollar and Diamonds was on the program this year. Van Limpt does not like an adapted, slimmed-down form, in connection with corona measures, of this annual party with prominent guests at a special location time has come. ”There are still plenty of plans for the future. For example, Van Limpt also wants to organize Sport and Diamonds and Art and Diamonds, and he is also explicitly looking for collaborations. "The plans for implementation are already in place," Van Limpt concludes.

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